Quality Growers Holland: The endives specialists of the Netherlands!

Quality Growers Holland is a packaging company specialised in the packaging of
chicory in flow packs. Quality Growers Holland is a growers’ association that was founded by four endive growers five years ago for the purpose of improving the presentation of chicory on the shelf. The association is now a full-fledged
packaging company that provides its customers with many advantages. Important among them are: quality, flexibility, freshness, being able to deliver large quantities quickly, and working closely with customers to arrive at solutions. Quality Growers Holland is located in Hoogkarspel in the middle of the region in North Holland, known
as West Friesland.

Changing from an unpackaged to a packaged product
A transition is currently taking place in Dutch supermarkets: a change from unpackaged to packaged endives. More and more supermarkets are observing the advantages of packaging this product. First of all, packaging provides a much better presentation, if only because the heads retain their attractive white appearance. Reddish, brown and green discoloration occurs far less often. This also means a great reduction in both losses and hours of work trimming the endive heads. In addition, the packaging provides an opportunity to present recipes and information about the product and its production. It has now been demonstrated that a display of packaged chicory provides a considerable surplus turnover when it comes to the number of kilograms sold.

What does Quality Growers Holland offer?
Quality Growers Holland is the perfect partner for supermarket chains. The production of its affiliated members is linked directly to the packaging company, the result being an ultra-fresh product. The packaging company has four packaging lines and two fully automated grading lines for selecting heads with the specified net weight per package. On one of the packaging lines, trays of endive heads can be packaged in flow packs to provide the contents with all the advantages of a perfect interior climate. Almost all of the witloof chicory that The Greenery has packaged in flowpacks is packaged by Quality Growers Holland.

Quality and acquisitions
On 15 March 2005, The Greenery nominated Quality Growers Holland as “Growers’ Association of the Year”. The two growers affiliated with Quality Growers Holland provide The Greenery with about 25% of its witloof chicory, and the packaging company also packages the witloof chicory of other Greenery members. This means that Quality Growers Holland always has enough product on hand and can supply all kinds of packaged witloof chicory at any given time. Whether the customer wants extra short, short-medium, short-wide, red or long chicory: it’s never a problem. And everything will always be first-grade quality! Quality Growers Holland is able to deliver packaged witloof chicory which can meet the highest quality standards like Eurep-GAP and BRC in the near future. Furthermore Quality Growers Holland has won a prize for their coöperation in the package chain by introducing packaged endives in printed flowpack for DekaMarkt (a supermarketchain in Holland) and the results that were reached through this coöperation. This prize is called "The Dutch Packaging Chain Award" and has been handed out in 2005 by het "Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum" (translated: The Dutch Packaging Centre).

The provision of quality products is a top priority at Quality Growers Holland. All the Greenery members that supply witloof chicory are EurepGAP certified. Quality Growers Holland also sets high standards for
its packaging material and frequently conducts research into this area. The flexibility of Quality Growers Holland is reflected in the fact that it has developed practically all of its packages itself and has done so in the shortest possible production time. The result is exactly what the customer ordered. By now, we have developed various packaging concepts, and you can view them by clicking on “Packages”. Certain concepts such as the salad package are still in the early stages of development and can be modified according to your specifications when it comes to the printing of the label, bands, etc. All in all, Quality Growers Holland will be pleased to assist you in realising the packaging you require.

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