The endives packages available from Quality Growers Holland

At Quality Growers Holland, we use the very best materials to package our endives and we conduct ongoing research into improving the quality of our flow packs. What’s more, almost all of our flow packs were developed in-house to suit customer specifications. Before the heads of endive are packaged, they are cooled to keep them fresh a lot longer.

Greatly reduced losses due to PP film
Quality Growers Holland uses PP film that the manufacturer has provided with extremely fine perforations. Although these perforations are invisible to the naked eye, they are large enough to allow the heads of endive to breathe. This results in a natural reduction of oxygen inside the packaging and an increase in the level of CO2 so that the product stays fresh and crisp much longer. Because green, brown or reddish discoloration is greatly reduced, losses are reduced as well. And labour costs can be cut considerably because trimming less attractive heads is a thing of the past.

Better presentation
When unpackaged and exposed to light, chicory will turn green within just a few hours. When stored properly (i.e. refrigerated at 4 to 5 ˚C and kept in the dark), our carefully produced heads of endive in flow packs will remain in good condition for weeks. Keeping quality is also extended by several days in the display case. What’s more, the packages can be printed with recipes, storage and preparation tips, production information, etc, and – also important – a bar code and an L code (for tracking and tracing). The products are hygienically stored, and consumers no longer have to dig around to find the nicest looking heads. Obviously, all these advantages mean a much better presentation accompanied by a much higher turnover.

Packages in:
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The Netherlands
Greenery packaging
DekaMarkt packaging
Baby endives package
Endive stir-fry package
Endive salad package

Germany / Austria
Natural Delight
Greenery Chicorée Package
Greenery, shrinkfoil

Natural Delight
Greenery, shrinkfoil

Natural Delight

Single-head packaging

Flowpack Denmark

Russian endive package, 220 g
Russian endive package, 300 g

Package Czechia

Package Slovakia